Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vivifromage Contest

Hi my name is Vivian and I'm really bad at updating blogs (including my personal -_-). I guess you could say I was recovering from almost getting run over by a minivan, but really I've just been on a giant kpop kick lately, and there's so much out there that it takes a significant amount of time to get through even just a small portion of it. But I love it! :)

But anyway, I figured what better way to kick off my slightly less sporadic blogging (again) with Vivifromage! Virginie (or Vivi) is one of my most favorite independent designers, as everything she makes is of impeccable quality, her packages get from France to the US in like a week, and she's a super cute French girl! Have I mentioned she's super nice? Oh, and I consider her the queen of Threadless (and other t-shirt) reconstructions.

She's holding a contest right now, which runs until December 4th (should be Saturday) at 8pm CET. I've no idea what the CE stands for, but that's where the internet comes in :) At any rate, why not just do it now?? The prize:
50€ (about US $70 / £45) credit to her shop! Off the top of my head, that's a little more than one of her dresses (in general). Good deal! So how do you enter? Post the link to her Facebook page (which is hyperlinked in "Vivifromage," above) and leave a comment saying you did here. Have Twitter? For another entry, tweet her page and something about her work/why you like it, and leave another comment under your original comment. Blog posts count too!

Personally, I've lost count of how many Vivifromage pieces I own... But I can honestly say I've never been disappointed (unless I lost an auction or missed out on something by an hour :p) and I love every single oneeee. From all the photos, I know it looks like I only buy her dresses (well they are amazing), but I have multiple skirts and shirts, a vest, a shrug, and a purse! In fact, one of my absolute favorite DIY pieces EVER (and which I get compliments on all the time, aside from her purse) is this Dark Mario ruffle collar w/bow shirt. <3

[edit] OMG I forgot to add that she makes COATS! Like, legit overcoats. Freals. Check it! [/edit]