Friday, January 14, 2011

Pet Peeve: Copycats

Not a DIY update (I will do one soon, for a super sweet Etsy seller from Greece! And by soon, I may mean right after this post, we'll see...) but I'm always bothered when brands/designers copy other brands/designers. And they do it blatantly.

Most recent example: Tokidoki Moofia hoodie from 2007 vs. Paul Frank hoodie from 2009.

Do I even have to point out how obviously similar these are?

Okay, I get that a lot of hoodies now have the contrast hood lining (especially with signature brand print). It's a cool look. Same with the contrast pull-string. But what really bothers me are the following:
1) heart-stitched pockets (which look IDENTICAL, btw)
2) striped cuffs and waistband (sure, the Paul Frank one is the same color as the body, but still)
3) signature zipper pull (again, lots of people are doing it now, but Tokidoki was doing it way before Paul Frank)

I will admit having more of a bias to Tokidoki (especially since I own that specific hoodie), but I was a huge fan of Paul Frank when I was younger and I have to admit I'm disappointed in their lack of creativity. It's just... SIGH.

(Song below is Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-In's "Bad Temper." I rediscovered my love for kpop and as such, felt like sharing xD)

[side note] Chrome is making me use the "edit HTML" option a lot more than Firefox ever did. Hm. [/side note]