Friday, July 2, 2010

Glass Artistry (and Sushi!): Amy Kirkman

I don't even know what to say about Amy Kirkman's work except "Wow." That and, "Are you sure you trust me not to break this?" Really, it would be a crying shame to break one of her pieces, they're so pretty.

Quick list of the variety of things she creates! Necklaces, vases, plates, coasters, candleholders... all out of glass!

I find glasswork fascinating, especially since I found out how it works and how the colors get in there. Plus, I got to see the Chihuly exhibit when it was in San Fran, which was just awe-inspiring, particularly because the dude's only got one eye! So not only do I admire Amy Kirkman's designs, but I also start thinking about how she did it (I know, I'm strange... I blame my high school robotics experience haha, it just kind of changed everything).

Also, anyone who has anything pertaining to Hitchhiker's Guide in their shop = automatic win. Her necklaces each come on a black cord with lobster clasp and extension chain, and if you're wondering if her Kanji/Chinese necklaces are true to their definition, no worries--they definitely are! (Hey, Chinese school finally paid off!)

My absolute, absolute fave from her shop though? The black a
nd white sushi plate set. Not only does the line design remind me of actual Japanese restaurants (and their plates), but the colors are Yin and Yang (so cute for couples!), AND she even made little wasabi/soy sauce dishes and chopstick props to complete the set. I don't even like sauce on my sushi but this set is PURE LOVE. If the black/white theme isn't your thing, she does offer to make them in colors you'd rather have!

Second fave is the orange koi plate (the one that made me decide to look further through her shop) and close third would be the heart plate, which I just saw when I went back to her shop for this post (the bubbles!). Price range seems to be pretty reasonable--$15 for necklaces, $30ish for coaster sets, $40ish for plates--considering the handiwork involved.

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  1. Oh my! What amazing glass work! I really need to check her shop, though I'd be afraid to buy anything bigger than a necklace in case it would break on transit... across the pond is too long a trip!