Thursday, March 18, 2010

Need a Guy Present? No Problem: Dedalo is Your Man

So I admit, I almost yelped when I clicked on Dedalo's shop and saw what was offered. I couldn't help it, it was just that awesome. I don't know about you, but I'm not the best present shopper/giver (especially when it comes to guys), but hey, if they need a pair of cufflinks (or even a tie clip or a signet ring), Dedalo is probably your best handmade bet. His weapon of choice? Sterling silver.

I was looking at a sharks-related treasury (couldn't help it, I got sucked in by the shark thing, darn my hockey team) on Etsy, and my eyes were immediately drawn to the shark cufflinks--which really looked a lot like the art on our backup goalie's mask. They are, for lack of better word, AWESOME!

I love how he admits that he's a dude and loves designing jewelry. He knows who he is! Props to him for that. More props because he makes some cool cufflinks. And I have not seen a lot of cufflinks that I like. Just putting that out there.

Anywho, he's got stuff for everyone. Gamer geek? Covered. Classic styling? Covered. Alternative baby? Covered. (Ha see what I did there? Well... Maybe not if you don't listen to Reel Big Fish. Heh.)

For your rock star, a retro-style microphone.
Or, if he's more of a Rock Band/Guitar Hero star, well, it's a guitar.
Closet D&D geek? Keep his love for the game subtle with these dragon links.
And for all those alternative boys, pilot skulls (which are pretty badass, by the way).
Or (another one I looooooove), a modern twist on a classic blank, the ArcTan option.
Is he a Linux fan, instead of those other OS's?

And then, for good measure, a couple examples of his other work (non-cufflinks):
Love this open-cut, rounded, thick ring.
And this puzzle-like bracelet. (It's like a Chinese finger trap! For your wrist!)

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