Monday, March 15, 2010

Unique Handcut Sterling Silver Jewelry: Markhed

This amazing seller, Markhed, I actually found out about from one of Etsy's Storque articles, the one featuring Valentine's Day. For this article, Etsy selected the Baby Franken Heart necklace (which is adorable) for all those singles out there who have had their hearts broken. I was immediately drawn to this piece, because it looks flexible, but also the heart is actually in pieces, and they sewed it back together.

I put up the LOVE studs as well because they're so cute and understated, and I have this thing for hand-stamped jewelry right now.

Anyway, what really sucked me into Marie's world of design was her collection of pinup/circus pendants. Well, that and the fact that she hand cuts, solders, hammers, etc. every
piece she creates.

The Swinging Pinup is my personal favorite. Even though it's a silhouette there's still so much detail, and it's really as if she's in motion! Amazing. The Tightrope Walker is definitely a close second, though, I really love how she came up with how to connect the pendant to the chain itself. And then there's the Trapeze Artist (Marie's apparently an architect, so all of this is kind of a departure from that).

And then going in a completely different direction is the Tangled Lotus Necklace. It is straight-up AMAZING. The oxidized state of the metals and the natural looking tangles makes me think of the whole "bedhead-on-purpose" look. It's a very raw, organic piece, and the lotus blossoms just make me love it even more. (Did I mention that she hammers and solders everything herself? Yeah.)

And because this talented woman has so many cool ideas, here are some other noteworthy necklaces:
Fish Skeleton -- And yes, it IS flexible!
Winged Heart Tattoo -- LOVE this take on the classic tattoo design, particularly the oxidized details.
Sweetheart Birds -- Sitting together on an extended branch, with a blue pearl detail. She also has a Birds on Swing one.
Butterfly with Music Background -- Love this one because it's butterflies meet Chopin meet cameo meet clear pendant. Recycled materials FTW!

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