Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DIY Fancy Cupcakes: Two Sugar Babies

I surfed over to Etsy to search through my favorite items/sellers for a non-gamer feature, but was stopped when I saw the front page. Every day, Etsy has a different theme for this, and today? ROBOTS!

If you know me, you know I love all things robots. I'm not sure if this attachment started when I was on my high school's robotics team, or when I first visited the Tech Museum (back when it was new!), or way earlier. Who knows? But robots are awesome. And can also be very cute.

And if you know me, you also know that I have a short attention span, and can get very easily distracted. Which tends to happen when I see anything cute-robot-related. Fortunately for you, I found a new seller to write about, yay!

Two Sugar Babies
, created by Charynn, is a shop full of fondant cupcake toppers, which can also be used for cookies, cakes, or whatever else you want to put an edible decoration on! She creates designs for various events (such as holidays), or just cutesy animals. The melting snowman topper is one of my favorites, since it's something I've never seen before. (And I watch a lot of Food Network and TLC cake shows. Trust me.) Given the amount of work that must go into assembling each topper, at $1 each ($12 for a dozen), it's not bad! And if you make your own cupcake, then you don't have to go out and by a $4 cupcake!

My favorites (besides that robot up there, duh):
T-Rex topper -- This is quite possibly the cutest T-Rex, EVER.
Tiger topper -- Hey, it's the Year of the Tiger! Why not?
Autumn Pumpkin 3D topper -- She doesn't just do 2D! (There's a 2D turkey too.)
Sock Monkey topper -- Who doesn't love sock monkeys? I for one love the one that's in all the car commercials airing during the Olympics.
And last, but definitely not least, the Penguin topper. Squee!

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