Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Household Geek: Lost Mitten

Although there are a number of sellers who use perler beads to make 8-bit designs, I've yet to see one who does what Lauren of Lost Mitten does.

While others will make just magnets or coasters, Lauren goes beyond that--she makes sets of themed coasters (complete with a box to keep them in), business card holders, even Nintendo DS cases! Though, those are made of fabric, not perler beads.

I had the good fortune to find her and make a purchase from her a couple years back. I bought two of her perler bead mini notepads (with bright colored pages!), because I was so excited to see Bubble Bobble and Slimes on them. They were pretty darn accurate too. Also, from what I remember when I ordered my stuff, she was a very nice seller to deal with, great communication and everything!

I received an e-mail from her today, as she was letting previous customers know that she was closing shop on Etsy. I was sad to hear this, because I've seen quite a few good ideas from her. She doesn't just work with fabric and perler beads though, she also knits and makes buttons! She (and her designs) will be missed, but she says that she'll still be creating, which is good news.

Some highlights of her perler bead items:
NES Controller Tissue Box Cover -- I've seen cute tissue box covers, but never ones that screamed I'M SO AWESOME! like this one does.
Bubble Bobble Mini Notepad -- Okay, I admit, I still haven't used it. But it's so cute! Bubble Bobble and Kirby were always my faves!
Megaman Coaster Set w/Case -- Megaman was pretty hot too.
Pacman and Ghost Business Card Holder -- It even has the dots!
Mario Question Mark Box Bank -- I actually almost bought this for my apartment-mate of 4 years for her birthday, but got her a Squishable Panda instead.
3D Mario Piranha Plant Warp Pipe Box -- I have no words for this. Only 2 in existence (the other being hers), and can you imagine what it must've been like to have to put each of those layers together, AND THEN gluing them on top of each other?! Woman's crazy cool.

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