Monday, February 22, 2010

Etsy Find Of The Day: 8-Bit Memory

The fact that I actually have functioning internet now means I spend A LOT more time surfing Etsy for new sellers (usually clothes and jewelry), which also means I get to stumble upon people who DIY other stuff. And this other stuff is often very cool.

So, to kick off this new subset of my crazy blogging mind, I give you 8-Bit Memory.

(I think I may also love Etsy because most of the DIYers on there are as geeky as I am. So... It works out. In my favor. But not necessarily in my wallet's.)

Enough digressing! What does this shop sell, you ask?

Repurposed video game cartridges (yeah, that's right--CARTRIDGES, booyah!) that can now be used as desk clocks, flash drives, or external harddrives. HOW AWESOME IS THAT. This means you can get a GameBoy Advanced cartridge flash drive (big enough you can't lose), or an NES cartridge external (small enough that you won't feel awkward lugging it around).

My brain almost exploded at how much of a good idea this was. And guess what! I don't think anyone else has done it yet.

NES Super Mario/Duck Hunt Desk Clock -- hard to tell the time, but who cares! I sure don't. That's what watches and cell phones are for.
NES Legend Of Zelda 640 GB HD -- this unfortunately sold today, BECAUSE IT'S SO COOL. Oh, and the cartridge is a shiny gold. EVEN COOLER.
SNES Starfox 500 GB HD -- another harddrive, that's even smaller! Huzzah!
GBA Pokemon Sapphire 4 GB Flash Drive -- I don't actually do Pokemon, but c'mon, it's clear blue!

So basically, this shop is full of win. And I may have to get my (first ever real) external from them. Eventually. Yee!

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